About ART

"When A.R.T. started, being a Republican in Texas was pretty lonely work."
- John Armstrong
ART traces its roots back to 1974 when one hundred dedicated Republicans, under the leadership of Senator John Tower, gathered in a motel near DFW airport to begin laying the groundwork for a remarkable comeback and a string of Republican victories.
Over the last forty years, ART has been a pillar of support for Republicans in Texas.  Under the leadership of ART Co-Chairs, John Nau and Hector De Leon, the 50 distinguished Board Members from around the state have made a tremendous impact on Texas politics.  Most recently in 2012, ART was able to help Republicans secure a 95-55 advantage in the Texas House, the second largest majority in the history of the state.

ART is fortunate to have the dedicated leadership of both Nau and De Leon moving into the 2014 election cycle.  Nau is President and CEO of Silver Eagle Distributors, L.P., the nation’s largest distributor of Anheuser-Busch products.  Nau’s commitment to service is apparent through a broad spectrum of participation in civic, community, philanthropic and political organizations in Houston, the state of Texas, and throughout the country.  De Leon is the founder of De Leon & Washburn, P.C., which was established on July 1, 1977.  His law practice focuses on the regulatory needs of insurance companies of all sizes, including transactional, and litigation matters. De Leon is a pioneer of Texas Republican politics and has chaired ART since 2005.

Each election cycle, ART supports targeted and competitive challenger, open, and incumbent races.  ART’s investments through direct and in-kind contributions ensure candidates run effective and accountable campaigns.  In addition, ART supports engaging the growing Hispanic community in Texas through its Hispanic Voter Network (HVN).  HVN was initiated in 2011 to create a statewide network of pro-business, pro-family minded conservatives within the Hispanic community.
We encourage you to join in ART's mission to keep Texas a conservative, Republican-led state.

Join us and help make history...

ART Board of Directors

ART Co-Chairmen
John Nau, Houston
Hector De Leon, Austin

Co-Chairmen for Candidates Committee
The Honorable Cyndi Taylor Krier, San Antonio
Dr. Walter Wilkerson, Conroe

Finance Co-Chairmen
The Honorable Dee Margo, El Paso
The Honorable John Steen, San Antonio
John Steinmetz, Lubbock

Arcilia Acosta, Dallas
Will Beecherl, Dallas
Eric Bing, Houston
The Honorable Henry Bonilla, San Antonio & Washington, DC
Richard Bowers, Corpus Christi
The Honorable Dan Branch, Dallas
J. Robert Brown, El Paso
David Cabrales, Dallas
Harlan Crow, Dallas
The Honorable Ed Emmett, Houston
Fred Farias, McAllen
William Giesenschlag, Somerville
Bo Gilbert, San Antonio
Frank Guerra, San Antonio
Doug Hartman, Austin
Charles Heaton, Tyler
Ned Holmes, Houston

Mike Hopkins, Brenham
Gaylord Hughey, Tyler
Woody Hunt, El Paso
Dee Kelly, Fort Worth
Hal Lambert, Fort Worth
Michael Lunceford, Addison
Lowry Mays, San Antonio
Red McCombs, San Antonio
Harriet Miers, Dallas
Kit Moncrief, Fort Worth
Ardon Moore, Fort Worth
Roxann Neumann, Houston
Morgan O'Connor, Victoria
Pat Oxford, Houston
Rolando Pablos, El Paso
W. Quackenbush, Amarillo
Pat Robbins, Austin
Bob Rowling, Dallas
Orlando Salazar, Dallas
The Honorable Connie Scott, Robstown
Michael Scott, Robstown
George Seay, Dallas
Nicholas Serafy, Brownsville
Brandon Steele, Tyler
Leo Vasquez, Houston